About Porta Romana

Inspiring, luxurious and designed to last - Porta Romana lamps and furniture make homes, hotels or yachts shine with the splendor of creative craftsmanship. Local glassblowers, ceramists, metalworkers or sculptors bring their skills and knowledge to the production of Porta Romana lamp and furniture designs to give each product something unique. Porta Romana's founders, Sarah and Andrew Hills, prefer to draw inspiration from nature to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The Porta Romana lights & furniture product range

From minimalist table lamps to original chandeliers, Porta Romana has an impressive range of different lighting and designs to offer. These are always one-of-a-kind, made in the UK with and by artisans. The same goes for Porta Romana furniture and home accessories. Here Porta Romana has to offer especially extravagant and at the same time perfectly shaped tables, seating elements and mirrors. At the same time, most pieces of furniture and lighting are fully customizable.

Porta Romana then and now

In 1988, Porta Romana was founded by Sarah and Andrew Hills. Starting in a tiny London workshop to creating a stunning lighting installation for the Royal Academy of Art or film sets, the goal was always to create inspiring products for the ages. They were fortunate that Andrew and Sarah found experienced British craftsmen to produce unseen designs. Today, Porta Romana still works with some of the craftsmen from the early days.

Since its inception, the company's own painting studio has been the center of all designs. Here, over 3 decades, the craft of painted surfaces has been developed and a unique library has been developed. Each patination takes weeks to find the perfect Porta Romana finish. Just as seriously as the craft, Porta Romana takes sustainability seriously. The company has several environmental goals and, for example, established its own lampshade studio in 2020 - saving 32,500 transportation miles a year. In addition, Porta Romana offers an upcycling service and develops product concepts with sustainable materials such as corn starch.

Here you find Porta Romana lamps in Munich

Sie sind auf der Suche nach einer außergewöhnlichen Beleuchtung, die für die Ewigkeit hergestellt wurde? In unserem Showroom in München zeigen wir Ihnen ausgewählte Porta Romana Lampen aus den Händen eines Kunsthandwerkers. Gerne unterstützen wir Sie bei der Planung und Umsetzung Ihrer Inneneinrichtung mit Porta Romana Lampen und Möbeln.

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