Gloster outdoor furniture

Gloster garden furniture brings understated elegance and luxurious comfort to outdoor spaces. The distinctive style combined with outstanding quality, innovation and functionality make Gloster garden furniture so desirable worldwide. The outdoor furniture company is known for its use of fine plantation teak.

The Gloster product range

Gloster offers a range of uniquely created outdoor furniture and decorative items that can be combined with each other through the brand's signature style. From modular seating to dining tables, lounge furniture to garden decor, all Gloster collections combine fine fabrics, textured powder coatings and the brand's signature teak.

The history of Gloster

Gloster roots can be traced back to West Africa in 1960, where a passionate group of entrepreneurs and furniture makers took the first steps. In the late 1980s, the factory was moved to Indonesia due to high teak demand. Then and now, the Gloster brand drives the mission to make the best outdoor furniture in the world. Each piece of Gloster teak, with a noble sheen or soft natural finish, comes from carefully managed plantations. Today, in collaboration with world-renowned designers, the company creates timelessly beautiful outdoor furniture that is man-made and therefore not an industrial product.

About teak wood for Gloster garden furniture

Teak is considered the most valuable tropical hardwood, which is ideally suited for the production of Gloster garden furniture due to its unique character. The strikingly grained precious wood has a golden to nutty brown tone and is particularly resistant, relatively light in weight and remains beautiful for a long time. This is because the naturally high oil content prevents stains and marks from being absorbed. The teak wood for Gloster garden furniture comes from the well-managed Indonesian plantations on the island of East Java.

Here you can find Gloster garden furniture in Munich

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